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■PROFILE : Drummer, Percussionist, KAZU. 


Kazuhiro “KAZU” Kobayashi is a session drummer and percussionist in Japan. He supports many well known and unique Japanese musicians and bands.


KAZU started his carrier in a drum corps style marching band in his junior high and high school days. He learned the rudiments of the drum there.


KAZU began his professional musician's carrier when successfully auditioned for a band position for Tokyo Disneyland.


In 2012, KAZU ranked top among Japanese musicians (11th overall) in German cajon video contest "schlagwerk video awards 2012".


In 2015, KAZU appeared at events in Brazil and China with Japanese Art Rock Band "KAO=S".


KAZU was also a PR model for  "the Shochiku Kabuki X Uniqlo collection" in 2015. He wore the collection's T-shirts while performing on stage. In addition, he occasionally performs in music events and solo. He also maintains a unique Instagram series called “Drumable?” whereby he posts videos of himself using unusual or everyday objects as percussion instruments. Drumable? has been a big hit overseas.


■Co-stars : KAO=S, Aki Yashiro, Miho Fukuhara, May'n, Ryo Natoyama, Daisuke Kawakami, Yui Makino, Yuji Uragami(tap dancer), Ayako Ukawa(tap dancer), Asuka Hayashi, Eiichiro Taruki,  Hiro-a-key, Tomoki Sato, KOTEZ & YANCY, Kensuke Machida, and more. 





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Drums, Cajon, Jembe, Conga, Bongo, and Other Percussions




Canopus, Wincent, 

Drums,Percussion(Conga,Bongo,Cajon) Performance.

Drummble?50(short ver.) #drummble #roving_drummer

Schlagwerk Video Award 2012♪

with Ryo Natoyama, Takashi Nakajo

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